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HMRC LogoVALUE ADDED TAX (VAT)  - A basic guide to VAT on printed items

Printed matter is a mine field for VAT. Some items are zero rated;
other items are standard rated for the purpose of VAT.
The below is a summary for the most common items we sell.

All prices shown on our website or any estimate provided by us by email, web live chat, letter or post, exclude Value Added Tax (VAT) and any other tax duty that may be applicable. VAT will be added at the rate applicable at the date of order, and included in the total at basket and purchase stage. Some items of print do not currently attract VAT; see below for our basic guide to print VAT, or contact HMRC direct for clarification, or alternatively, go to the HMRC website - we have provided a link.

VAT Basics for Printed Matter
The below is a guide only and does not cover every possible item of print.
If not stated below, you should assume that we will charge VAT on the item.

VAT at 20%. Standard rated items of print
Print items that currently attract VAT at standard rate (Standard rate of VAT is currently 20% in the UK - it will be charged at the prevailing rate applicable at date of order)

All Stationery (Business cards, letterheads, compliment slips, continuation paper, pads, envelopes, labels, stickers, legal corners, plain unprinted paper) - VAT 20%

All printed Posters - VAT 20%

All Postcards, any cards or leaflets above 170gsm stock weight. - VAT 20%

All pocket presentation Folders - VAT 20%

Brochures with only 2, 4 or 6 pages - VAT 20%

All Showcards, Point of Sale (POS) items, Desk Pads, Bookmarks, Promotional Cubes, Wobblers - VAT 20%

All Large format and big digitally printed poster items - VAT 20%

VAT at 0%. Zero rated items of print
Printed items that are currently Zero rated for VAT in the UK - (Note, if HMRC change their rules and the below items become applicable for standard rate VAT, this will become chargeable at the prevailing rate applicable at date of order).

Leaflets up to A4 in weight up to and including 170gsm stock weight - 0% VAT

Printed Brochures and booklets with 8 pages or more - 0% VAT

Magazines, Newsletters and Newspapers with 8 pages or more - 0% VAT

Printed Books, both soft back, and hard back - 0% VAT

For further clarification, the following HMRC web link gives full details - good bed time reading!
HMRC Website link for VAT on printed matter. HMRC Reference:Notice 701/10 (13th December 2016)

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